I love the “hands-on” tactile design for right brain engagement.

— Reading Specialist / ELA Coordinator

After seeing how my students learn from the lessons, I’ve started to rethink ALL of my other curriculum

to see how I can make everything I teach more deeply meaningful.

— Teacher, Budlong Elementary School

My 4 year old twin girls LOVE these. They love that they are interactive, and are picking up so much in just the few short days we have had these.

I highly recommend these awesome learning tools! I am going to show them to their preschool teachers this week.

– Monique

5.0 out of 5 stars. They are fantastic and I’d imagine they’d be really helpful for all.

– T.L.R.

My four and a half year old has really benefitted from these. I think processing the words through multiple senses has been helpful in getting it to “sink in”. We have other site word cards and they are just straight visual memorization. She is not as engaged when we use them. These cards are the only ones we use now. They are fantastic and I’d imagine they’d be really helpful for all different types of learners.

– Amy Wall

My student’s beg to do our “Lingo Lessons” !!

It’s easy to make a picture for words like “dog” or “boy”, but these flash cards help kids learn the hard concept words like “the” and “a”.

The activities are super adorable and make learning so fun. 🙂

– 1st Grade Teacher, LA School District

These sight word cards are incredible. My 6 yr old daughter LOVES doing the action part, perfect for any age.

Also the Wiki Stix were a big hit, anything involving motion or creating makes learning more exciting.

– M.

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