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We were thrilled to provide inspiration for Deepa Fernandes’ story on public radio – “Getting Creative in Kindergarten”. She visited one of the most creative and energetic teachers we know – Karen Scannell at Synergy Charter Academy in Los Angeles. Karen uses our materials and curriculum in her classroom, putting her own personality into the program. Her students have so much fun, using movement and creativity, enabling them to fully comprehend the meaning of those tricky Sight Words!


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Play-Based Sight Word Learning Activities

Telling your kids that they are going to learn something sounds boring.  When they are learning while they are playing, you’re more likely to hear less complaints.image004

Going over sight word flash cards is borrrrring! Picture First Learning, winner of the 2016 Family Choice Award, has come up with a way for sight word flash cards to be interactive and hands-on.

Each pack of 30 Sight Words Smart Cards comes with a set of wax Wikki Stix™ so kids can create each letter or word.  Each card has a brightly illustrated front and a detailed back which includes a way for kids to “see” the word and “live” the word.

Look how much you get on every card – Here is an example of the word “a“:

See it: “A” means picture any one thing.  “Lingo says, ‘A dog.'”  Picture any one dog.

Live it: “Let’s Get Moving!  Stand up with me.  Walk to a door.  Tap the door with a finger.”

Playing with the Sight Words Smart Cards with Wikki Stix from Picture First Learning is a little like playing with play-doh, only less messy.  It turns sight word practice into a fun, artsy activity.   Both of my girls love to play with Wikki Stix and Picture First learning really got it right with this set.

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Cristen @ The Naptime Reviewer


My Mommy Matters

Review of Sight Words Smart Cards with Wikki Stix: 

Teaching your child sight words with flash cards can be so boring for your little ones…But Picture First image005Learning, winner of the 2016 Family Choice Award, has discovered a way for it to be interactive and fun!
These cards come with a set of wax Wikki Stix…so your little one can shape the words, while learning what it means. And each card comes with a fun simple exercise to do with your children to explain the word…so your child learns all three ways at the same time (visually, auditory, and kinesthetically). My child keeps saying…can we do one more? Amazing…A must have for preschool aged children!

Shannon O’Dowd @ MyMommyMatters