Sight Words Smart Cards Set 1
with Wikki Stix™


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Set also includes one pack of bendable, reusable Wikki Stix™ with activities that build long term memory for reading and spelling.

Sight Word Smart Cards are essential for teaching sight word recognition to all  learning styles, including – early readers, visual learners, children with ADD / Dyslexia, struggling readers, and right-brain thinkers.

Thoughtfully crafted pictures quickly build long-term word memory and ensure that your child develops a rich sight word vocabulary.

But that's not all. Beyond just being able to 'read the word', the tools on the back of each card move your child past traditional rote memorization using activities that teach reading comprehension and how the sight word impacts the meaning of a sentence.

Each card provides purposeful movement – a necessary learning strategy for kinesthetic (hands-on) learners and children with dyslexia.

In addition, a sentence using the word and coordinating with the visual on the front of the card focuses your child’s attention on the meaning of the word and how it is used in everyday experience.

Set 1 words include: he – she – we – see – I – you – and – with – this – that – a – an – the – to – of – is – was – said – am – are – have – do – it – can – not – for – by – at – in – on

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