Creative Teachers use Pictures and Movement to Teach Sight Words for Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher in classroom

Suzanne and I had a great time visiting some of our schools that are learning to read using Sight Word Smart Cards and Wikki Stix™.

We are utterly inspired by our teachers and thought we would share a few of the creative ways our teachers are using their Sight Word Smart Cards to build sight word reading and reading comprehension.

Teacher Alejandra Castellanos had her students build vowels and “silent e’s” out of Wikki Stix™ to illustrate Cake Bake Makehow this letter can be used to turn short vowel sounds into long vowel sounds….she reported being amazed at how fast her students mastered the concept while using this kinesthetic approach….I dare say, she used the word “brilliant” in describing her experience 😉

A big thank you to teacher Jill Stillman, who shared a personal insight she had about using the Smart Cards to help students comprehend math word problems.

After reading The Cat in the Hat as a class, teacher Karen Scannell took her Sight Cat in the HatWord Smart Card lesson to a whole new level. Look how fun this classroom activity turned out.

Have a Sight Word Smart Cards idea to share with the group?

We’d LOVE to hear from you….

Melanie and Suzanne

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