Reading Sight Words Successfully Requires Visualization and Good Mental Focus

Can you hear me now?

All of us have experienced a “dropped call”….talking to someone on the phone even after the connection has been lost!

Imagine continuing to talk (or, even worse, teach) your child after the ‘connection’ has been lost.

There’s NO point, right?

But, that’s exactly what happens when you are trying to transmit information to a child who is not in Mental Focus.


Mental Focus is having the ability to consciously visualize (pay attention) to words. Mental Focus is the primary skill needed for learning to read sight words and learning how to create reading comprehension.

A child who had developed good Mental Focus has the ability to switch from Nonverbal to Verbal thinking.

All young learners naturally spend much of their time thinking Nonverbally – physical play, electronic games, and imaginative play all require strong nonverbal skills.

All day long, your child’s imagination is triggered – sometimes your child’s brain is ‘connected’ to what you are saying – sometimes NOT 🙂

Look for these common signs that your child has lost Mental Focus:

  •             Misreads or substitutes sight words while reading
  •             Zoning out – daydreaming
  •             Wiggly or silly behavior


Building Mental Focus in a critical step in helping a young child become an effective learner.


Try this quick strategy ~


Before giving your child directions – prompt:

  •             Take a deep breath.
  •             Feel your shoulders go down.
  •             See with your eyes. Hear with your ears.
  •             I’m going to read these words – Tell me what picture you see in your mind.

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