Downloadable Lesson Plans

Movement and Pictures make Sight Words REALLY stick!

Each sight word downloadable lesson plan stimulates the 3 primary learning channels making successful Sight Word reading possible for ALL types of learners.

Each Lesson Plan is PACKED with 5 GREAT Activities

  • Meaningful pictures that help visual learners capture the word at a glance.
  • Body motions that engage auditory and kinesthetic learning, building quick sight word memory without drill or stress.
  • Draw pages that build sight word reading as well as word comprehension.
  • Trace pages that develop reading AND spelling skills.

1- See It Activity:

  • Shows your class the picture of the sight word
  • Lesson plan guides students to explore the meaning of the picture
  • Students develop visualization and sight word memory

When students experience the sight word as being important and meaningful– learning to read the sight word becomes easier.

Each lesson plan is designed to let teachers be creative and PLAYFUL. Your kiddos will LOVE to see how you think with the sight word!

  lightbulbNot only is this part of the lesson super EASY and FUN  – it allows you to provide Imagery Training – the single most important skill the brain needs to develop in order  to develop successful reading comprehension skills – AWESOME!!

2 –  Live It Activity:

  • Lesson plan provides meaningful, kinesthetic prompts that teach the sight word through movement!
  • Students build both sight word reading AND listening comprehension – so good for wiggly kids.

Research on embodied learning proves what teachers have always known – Children need to move, touch, and experience to learn. Your kiddos will LOVE learning this way because it WORKS!



3 Draw It Activity:  

Kids LOVE this part of the lesson! Here your students will draw the meaning of the sight word to INSTANTLY build sight word reading and reading comprehension.

lightbulbWhen kids create and SEE that SIGHT WORDS add meaning to a sentence, they become skilled at learning from reading – how cool is that!



4 –  Trace It Activity:

  • Here students trace the mid-line crossing shape to warm up for writing.
  • This activity builds mid-line communication – an essential step in making sure that a child’s brain is ready to read and write.

lightbulbWhen students say each letter as they trace they build whole-word sight word reading fluency AND spelling skills at the same time – gotta LOVE that!

5 –  Build a connection between School and Home:

You know how important it is to engage parents in their child’s learning. These pages are meaningful AND playful – perfect for making homework effective and stress free – yet, supportive and effective!

lightbulbThese homework activities are designed to provide Sight Word reading reinforcement AND show parents how to teach reading successfully at home.