About Us

As moms and educators we were surprised by the words our kids could learn to read easily – words like guitar, friend, dinosaur – and yet it took so MUCH time and effort to teach them how to read the sight words like: of, the, was.

We were so curious!

This started our journey to understand bouncy, creative kids and how the developing brain learns to read.

Children are born right brain thinkers.

Young readers have the gift of thinking in pictures – and may be very strong at art, sports, building with Legos – but oh – reading, sight word memorization, and pencil paper drills – YIKES!

Nonverbal, picture thinking is the way most children spend their days – hands-on learning, problem-solving, and creative play.

But school-world and shockingly, even today’s best-selling educational sight word games and Apps – still primarily teach only through repetition and word drills – which is not aligned with the way young learners naturally think and learn.

Our signature products– Sight Word Smart Cards with Wikki Stix™ and Sight Word Smart Doodles replace boring, mind numbing memorization drills with action-oriented activities that allow your child to physically experience the meaning of the most critical words needed for building reading success.

After a decade of working as an Educational Psychologist and a Reading Specialist, Melanie and Suzanne founded PictureFirst Learning.

Our products educate the left-brain while engaging and entertaining the right brain!

To quote Melanie’s daughter – “Mom – even Einstein said – Intelligence is Creativity having Fun!”

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