Sight Words with Pictures Build Better Readers

A picture is worth 1000 words

Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension come from two different places in the brain.

Brain imaging shows that many children can listen, talk, and read words without having all of the words linking to correct imagery in the right side, reading comprehension, part of the brain.

The left side of the brain has the ability to memorize information (download and output) without having actually ‘learned’ from the information on the page.

When a child learns to read but does not create accurate imagery, mistakes occur.

Low test scores, difficulties with following directions, and low reading comprehension are all indications that the left side of the brain is ‘reading the words’ but the right side of the brain is not creating accurate imagery to link with those words.

Sight words add critical information to the picture. See how these kindergarten sight words change the pictures in your mind:

  • The cow jumped over the moon.
  • The cow jumped from the moon.
  • The cow jumped to the moon.
  • I fed a dog.
  • I fed the dog.

Try this quick strategy:

~ At the end of each sentence. Stop and prompt your child:

“Tell me about the picture in your mind.”

Pay special attention to make sure your child is using sight word meaning to build correct imagery.

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